Streets Overall Condition Index (OCI)

The City performs street condition surveys and assigns an Overall Condition Index (OCI) number to each street. OCI is only one of many factors to determine the order of street repairs. OCI is not available for private or military streets or streets the City was unable to survey due to closures. This data is displayed on

The 100-point OCI rating system the City uses classifies streets into one of three categories:

  • Good - A street in this category has little or no cracking, minor potholes, or other distresses. It has excellent drivability and needs little maintenance or remedial repair. A street in good condition has an OCI rating between 70 and 100.

  • Fair - A street in this category has moderate cracking, some minor potholes and has adequate drivability. It is typically in need of remedial repairs and a slurry seal. A street in fair condition has an OCI rating between 40 and 69.

  • Poor - A street in this category has severe cracking, numerous areas of failed pavement with possible sub base failure, and exhibits a rough ride. It qualifies for a comprehensive repair or a total reconstruction – meaning that a street may be replaced from the ground up if conditions warrant that effort. A street in poor condition has an OCI rating between 0 and 39.

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