The Office of the City Treasurer recently completed upgrading all on-street parking meters to SMART parking meters!

Our IPS meters provide us with real-time data in the back office, helping to streamline operations like coin collection and repairs. Our back office system also provides up-to-date transactional data, giving us additional insight into how effectively the meters are being used on-street.

As a result, we have been working with Maksim since he started with the City supporting the open data initiative to share this data with you!

The map below displays each parking meter in the City. Each pin will display information about the meter from 2015, including:

  • Pole = the unique meter number
  • Neighborhood = the neighborhood in which the meter is located
  • Meter Type = Single Space, or Multi-Space
  • Total Amount collected = all transactions aggregated and rounded
  • Total transactions = transaction count for the meter in 2015